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Player Orientation

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Reno Tahoe Liberty FC. This page is designed to give potential players general information regarding the tryouts, team formation, the club, etc. in a Q&A format and will be continually updated with any new information of interest to our potential players.

Updated: November 29, 2016 (Any Updates listed at the end)

Q: When are tryouts?
A: Tryouts for the 2017 team selection will start in March 2017 and will consist of weekly training sessions, details and schedule to be published in January.

Q: Are players going to be selected after one tryout?
A: No, the objective is to identify the best players in Northern Nevada and surrounding colleges interested in getting a spot on the team, and it is virtually impossible for any player to have their best touch or play to be selected in just one session. To this effect, we have designed the spring training sessions as part of the tryout process to be also a training path to get those players that are a little “rusty”, or that have not been training/playing consistently, a chance to sharpen their skills, so that when the final selection process begins in April, they have the best chance of making the team.

Q: When does the “final” selection begin?
A: We will start offering spots on the roster after we have had a chance to see players several times, but the process will not stop for offering spots to players till around June in 2017 since we are expecting college players to join us after they are able and free from their college annual commitment.

Q: How many players can be on the roster?
A: Rosters for WPSL teams have no limit. The only restriction is that a team may not “roster” or “shirt” more than 20 players on any given game (11 Starters + 9 Substitutes). Most teams carry a roster of 25 and over to compensate for players that have to work or have conflicts on game days.

Q: How many players will the Liberty FC have on the roster?
A: It is our plan to build the team foundation with the local players from the community, we estimate that there are at minimum 20 to 30 area players that are capable of playing at the required level. It is our hope that we may include all of the available top players in Northern Nevada in our roster, plus several college players from surrounding areas that will not be able to join or participate till after May 1st., so our expectation is at least 20 to 25 locals plus any collegiate players coming to augment the team from colleges around the country.

Q: Won’t that be too many players?
A: On the paper roster, not really, the fact that most of the league teamsn are comprised of amateur players, means that it is mostly women that already have lives, work, families, commitments, etc. that fill the teams, and with that, there is always conflicts with some players because of their family/personal lives. It is not unusual for current teams in the league to struggle to roster 15 players some times because of players conflicts. So having sufficient registered players, gives the team the depth to have full rosters at games during the season.

Q: Do I have to pay to play in the first team?
A: No, the Reno Tahoe Liberty FC is a not-for-profit organization professionally managed to provide a venue for women in Northern Nevada to continue to play at a high level. Part of being professionally managed, means we are a club that operates as a business, and as such we cover any expenses for registered players in the club.

Q: Will you pay players to play?
A: No, not initially, the Liberty FC will operate as an “Amateur-Collegiate” team for at least the first three seasons. Meaning, none of our players will be paid-to-play, as this would forfeit any NCAA eligibility for our collegiate players. However, our business plan includes expanding the franchaise to two teams during the fourth season with the first team being semi-pro and comprised of the best amateur players in the program and some professional players as we look to offer contracts to the players raising through our ranks from the second team which will be estrictly amateur-collegiate.

Q: If you do not pay players, what cost do you cover?
A: The Liberty FC will offer expense reimbursement to our registered players participating in games during travel. Expenses reimbursed are limited to meals, transportation, and overnight accommodations when/if necessary.

Q: Will you reimburse collegiate players for their expenses?
A: Yes, but only to the extent allowed by NCAA rules and with expense proof, receipts, etc.

Q: Will I risk my collegiate eligibility by registering with the team?
A: Not if you don’t get paid, and we do not pay any of our players. For the NCAA guidelines published by WPSL go online at http://wpsl.info/docs/index.php?tid=1 and http://wpsl.info/docs/2015-16_NCAA_RULES.pdf

Q: Is there a limit to the number of current college players who may compete on a WPSL team?
A: Yes, Division 1 – Five (5) from any one institution (not including graduating seniors and incoming freshman)
Division II & III – no limit
NAIA – no limit

Q: Can WPSL teams compete against college teams?
A: Division I – Yes, but no high school players may participate
Division II – Yes, as long as team is ongoing not just established for the competition

Q: When can players try-out/compete with WPSL teams?
A: Division I – not before May 1st
Division II – at the conclusion of their spring semester

Q: Can College Coaches be involved in WPSL teams?
A: NCAA – Yes, but none of their current college players may play on that team
NAIA – Yes and their players can play for them but there must be other players on the team

Q: Can players practice/play during winter break?
A: Yes (but college coach should be informed)

Q: I heard this will be a semi-pro team, what is the difference?
A: Initially, the team will operate as an “amateur-collegiate” team at the start for the season in 2017, 2018, and 2019, which means players do not get paid to play. The business plan has an outlook for a second team which will become our “semi-pro first team” .

Q: Will this team ever be semi-pro or pro and pay players?
A: The current starting team will always be the club’s “amateur-collegiate” team and will never pay players to play to maintain the eligibility of our college players. However, it is part of the club’s plan to add an additional “semi-pro” team in our fourth year. This additional team will then be considered the “first team” and will consist of “amateur” and potentially “paid” players making it a “semi-pro” team. At that time, we will have two teams, one “Amateur-Collegiate” and one “semi-pro” team. This will allow the club to offer yet again, another step in top women’s soccer, for those players that aim to get to the top, especially those getting out of college and still able to play at a high level.

Q: Does the club provide the uniforms/kits?
A: Yes, the club will provide “listed” players on the roster for any given game with a uniform, consisting of Jersey, Shorts and Socks. The uniforms are given to the players before games, and are collected immediately after the game’s ceremonies are completed, i.e. hand shaking, team photos, fan autographs and photos, interviews, etc. for cleaning and to have available for next game.

Q: What about training kits or other gear?
A: Yes, the first year in 2017, the club will provide players registered on the roster with two (2) training shirts, one (1) pair of shorts  and one (1) travel shirt/polo that players will be able to keep after the season.

Q: What about warm ups, bags?
A: It is in our “preliminary” plans to provide to our registered local players that will continue to participate in the club’s events during the fall, winter and spring, with warm ups and bags, as they participate in community events, clinics, fund raisers, indoor league play, etc. We do not anticipate needing warm ups during our regular season which is during the months of May, June and July in the west coast with temperatures rarely below 60 for game times.

Q: If you are giving uniforms before games, do I get to select my number?
A: Maybe… Because we have no information on the sizes of players and our kits are purchased and printed well in advance, it is likely that players will not get the number they prefer when we issue kits. However, once a number is issued to a player at the beginning of the season, we will make every effort for that player to retain that number for the duration of the season, especially during home games to keep player identification easy for attending fans and marketing materials.

Q: Are shoes or other equipment given to players?
A: No, shoes, shin-guards, etc. are not issued to players. Players are responsible for providing their own.

Q: What about Keeper gloves and gear?
A: Maybe, most keepers are particular on the gloves they wear, shoes, etc. To that extent, we will provide the keepers on game day a jersey, shorts and socks before games, which are to be returned after game closing ceremonies. As for gloves, the club will provide a new pair of “game” time gloves to the goal keepers, which are also to be returned at the end of the game for proper cleaning and storing. At the end of the season, those gloves will become part of the training equipment for next season to use as “training” gloves.

Q: Who is coaching the team?
A: The structure of the coaching team for 2017 is as follows:

Owner – Manager, John Chavez
First Team Coach, Jeff Cade
First Assistant Coach, Matias Leiva
Second Assistant Coach, TBD
Goal Keeper Coach, TBD
Goal Keeper Assistant Coach, Chris Kelly
Trainer, TBD

With the overall system of play, seasonal planning, training program, methodology, player development, and player selection being set up by John Chavez, Stacy Ojers and Jeff Cade.
Additionally, we are currently working on assembling the rest of the coaching staff.

Q: Where are the games going to be played?
A: We are currently on the preliminary phase of a plan to work with several of the Northern Nevada high schools in Reno and South Lake Tahoe so that we may use their facilities for some of our home games. Travel games will be at the cities or towns of the other teams in the Mountain West WPSL division and may include games vs. team in the NorCal division.

Q: Where will the training sessions be?
A: Training sessions will be in Reno to start but it is our plan to include some sporadic training in the other local communities with open to the public sessions to help with the familiarization of the team with everyone in the area.

Q: How many times per week will the club practice?
A: Once we start preseason training in the spring after Spring Break, we will practice three times per week with players expected to attend at least two of the weekly sessions, except collegiate players that may not be available till after May 1st.
Once the season starts, we will have at least one but may be two practices per week, depending on game schedule.

Q: I play in a local team/league, will I be able to continue to play with them?
A: Yes, if that is what you wish, our objective is to give the better players a chance to play at a substantially higher level, but ultimately, we all play soccer for the fun of it, so continuing to play with your local team is not an issue since players are “not paid” and “not under contract”. HOwever, we would ask our players to make the Liberty FC team a priority should conflicts arise.

Q: Can I still play with my local team and be part of the Liberty FC so that I may continue to attend and represent Liberty FC at their events, clinics, etc. after the official end of the summer season?
A: Yes, our objective is to have our players be part of, and involved in the community, so that familiarity can make our fan base grow. We consider our players part of the team to help build the club into a sustainable club for future generations of local women to play in.

Q: I am 16, 17 years old and play with a local youth club, can I still be part of the Liberty FC and be part of my youth club as well?
A: Yes, assuming you have your parent’s consent and the quality to play with the adult women, the Reno Tahoe Liberty FC is a “club-neutral” professionally managed football club. We are not a “youth club” nor are we directly sanctioned  or managed by any local youth club in the area, but rather, it is our model to create a relationship with all clubs and teams in Northern Nevada to provide a venue for the most promising youth players to be exposed at a higher level of competition.

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Please continue to check this page as we will update it with any new questions we might get and will post them at the end for easy reading.

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