The Reno Tahoe Liberty FC will be holding its official training sessions starting March 2017.

Training sessions are open for players interested in trying out for the team.

Players MUST register to participate. Registration fee is $25 not refundable and includes a t-shirt.

These tryout-training sessions are open to all women 16 years of age and older that register.

D1 College players may tryout after May 1st, Please see the NCAA rules overview for details HERE

D2-D3 College players may tryout before May 1st, Please see the NCAA rules overview for details HERE

Our-Game-Our-Team-Our-TimeThe Reno Tahoe Liberty FC brings to Norther Nevada top Women’s Soccer as part of the WPSL (Women’s Premiere Soccer League).

The Women’s Premier Soccer League is an independent highly competitive national league whose main focus is on the development of highly competitive premier women’s soccer teams.

The WPSL was formed in 1998 and is sanctioned by the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA), who is an affiliate of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), the ruling body of soccer in the United States and FIFA the world’s ruling body for soccer.

The Reno Tahoe Liberty FC organization aims to build the team around the talented local women so that it may serve as another step on the ladder for young local women to aim for.

For player orientation information and tryout registration, go online to http://libertyfc.net/tryouts/