Sacramento, CA – The Women´s Premier Soccer League is excited to announce and welcome new region, Mountain West to the 2016 season. (See the official post at the WPSL site herecolor_wpsl_logo

The Mountain West will take part in the 2016 season as a provisional region. It currently includes the Utah Arrows and new WPSL entity, Reno, Nevada. Both teams will play each other twice, as well as teams from the NorCal region. While the region looks to expand, playing teams from the NorCal will allow the Arrows and Reno to gain experience in the WPSL and prepare them for their official season the following summer.

The Utah Arrows recently travelled to Sacramento to play NorCal first and reserve team, California Storm. Next, Reno will host California Storm reserves, giving both teams the opportunity to play at a high soccer level.

Utah Arrows head coach, Caitlin Young, is excited for the season ahead and the prospect of the Mountain West Region. Young believes that her team has the strength and ability to execute well and compete with all the teams within the WPSL.

“We bring a strong team that can compete with the best while playing a pretty style of soccer.” Said, Young.

Team Reno has strong ambitions and goals after securing a place in the Mountain West Region. Team owner and President of the club, John Chavez will be assisted by Head Coach, Jeff Cade in the development and progression of the team.  For the 2017 season, the team name will be known as, Reno Tahoe Liberty FC.  The location provides excellent opportunities for local quality players as well as college players to access Reno FC. More so, the demographics and women´s soccer within Reno will contribute to the sustainability of the new team. As a new addition to the league, Chavez hopes to be able to compete with any WPSL team.

“Our expectation is to be competitive with current WPSL teams. It is our expectation to build the franchise into a sustainable competitive outfit.” Said, John Chavez.

Confirmed 2017 signing, Utah Red Devils will look to join the Mountain West Region next summer. Owner and head Coach of the Red Devils, Dennis Burrows has a mass of experience in women´s soccer. As well as coaching for 29 years, he started the RSL women and was president and Head coach for 7 years. Burrows and the rest of his staff, Ab Rees, Patrick Rennie and Damian Munoz are excited to see the development of both their squad and the Mountain West Region,

“I would love to see Boise, Vegas and Colorado join us to make a fun region.” Said, Burrows.

Jerry Zanelli, California Storm head coach and Co-Founder of the WPSL believes it is important for the league to continue its expansion. By including a new region, it will broaden the demographics and supply a high level of competitive women’s soccer to more areas.

“The Women’s Premier League main priority is to provide competitive soccer to quality players. It is our mission to ensure we open opportunities for all women soccer teams in America, which is why we are the biggest women’s soccer league in the world.” Said, Zanelli.

(See the official post at the WPSL site here)