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Mission Statement

The Reno Tahoe Liberty FC purpose is to:

  1. Empower and provide local Northern Nevada women, high school age players, and collegiate players from around the country, the opportunity to play at the premier soccer level in Northern Nevada, so that they may continue to grow in the sport past the youth years.
  2. Provide family oriented, health conscious affordable entertainment to the Northern Nevada communities.
  3. Unify the soccer community with a common interest and passion through our “club-neutral” approach and direct representation of all facets of the community for the creation of the club’s crest.
  4. Create a vehicle for women role models to interact and help the community through service, representation, and programs for the youth.
  5. Empower young players to dream on an achievable goal of playing top amateur, collegiate, national and professional soccer.
  6. Offer an ideal vehicle for local businesses to create a partnership with, and to receive positive exposure as strong supporters of the youth in sports and women that are not only top athletes, but also an integral part of the local community.